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City : Wash

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Terms and conditions of use

  • NOTE: We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time

        * We accept cash, Master Card and Visa only. We do not accept money orders or checks.
        * Payment must be rendered at beginning of service, this in no way will affect the quality of our services.

    General Policy

        * We take online and phone Appointments and Walk-ins Accepted
        * If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call to cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours in advance
        * We take customers on a first come, first serve basis, unless:
          * the customer scheduled an appointment for a specific time
          * the customer chooses a stylist other than the one on the line
          * the stylist on the line cannot do the style chosen by the customer
        * We reserve the right to refuse service at any time to any of our customers regardless of whether the customer has an appointment or is a walk-in.
        * Our shop is a smoke-free facility.
        * No alcohol is allowed in any of our shops.
        * Any items brought into the shop is not our responsibility. It is our policy to only hold found items for 24 hours before removing them from the shop. It is the customer's responsibility to pick the item up within 24 hours.

    Customers with Children

        * Appointments can last anywhere from 2-12 hours, please do not bring your children unless they are having their own hair braided. If you must bring your children, it is your responsibility to provide quiet entertainment that keeps your children seated and out of the way as we do not have the facility to care or watch your children.
        * We are not responsible for your child's safety at any time inside the shop if they are not having their hair braided.
        * Our advice to parents with small children: Younger children tend to take a shorter amount of time and cry less or not at all if the parents do not stay inside the shop while they are getting their hair braided. Please leave your children with food and drink and we will be happy to call at the close of your child's appointment.

    Cellular Phone Usage

        * Be mindful of our other customers and stylists inside the shop and keep your voice down while using your phone.
        * While your hair is being braided, please turn your ringer down or change to vibration mode.

    Electronic Devices

        * We are not responsible to any damage or items lost inside our shop.
        * We welcome the usage of electronic devices while getting your hair braided, however we do request the volume be turned down so our other customers are not disturbed.

    Customers with Discounts

        * All discounts must be presented to the stylist at the time of payment.
        * Discounts are only available on regular prices, not on already discounted or bargained prices.
        * Any prices must be verified and accepted between the stylist and customer before the stylist starts working on your hair.
        * Only one discount per customer per visit will be accepted.
        * We will not accept any discounts once we start braiding your hair.

    Refund Policy

    Styles expected to last 1-4 weeks (examples: cornrows, goddess braid)

        * Absolutely no refund

    Styles expected to last 6 or more weeks (example: single braids)

        * 1st week: we will repair at no charge
        * 2nd-3rd week: we will repair at a moderate cost, depending on what is needed
        * 4th week and beyond: you will be charged the full price

    Customer has the right  at any time to view the quality of our service. Please ask for a mirror to view the front and back and request any changes before leaving the shop. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have or perform any changes at your request. Once you leave the shop, our refund policy takes effect.

  • All services for paid members do not exceed $250.00 in value.
  • All extension services by non-members require a non refundable deposit subtracted from the total cost of your braids when you come to our shop
  • To pay discounted Club prices, you must be a member in good standing. 
  • All members must log in to make their  appointment.

  • Deposits and any paid memberships are non refundable and no salon credits will be given for deposits.
  • One time long term prepaid  payments for services can be refunded minus the cost of services received. This type of refund will take 30 to 45 days.

  • A 48 hour reschedule notice is required to maintain appointment deposits.
  • Membership can be canceled any time by either parties and may not be renewed.
  • Membership is limited and is available on a 1st come 1st served basis                                            
  • Free hair ( Human and natural hair) is available only when mentioned in an offer or membership type but color choices might be limited.
  • Due to misuse of membership, the cost of the first visit for members must  equal the  regular price of the style. For example:if the style you want is $200 and you paid $40 membership then your first visit will cost $160.  This is done to discourage those who join just to get a discounted rate and cancel their membership overnight.
  • All members must log in to make an appointment.
  • These Terms are subject to change without notice.


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