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I had a fantastic experience at the Hair Braiding Club. They are very friendly and the service was fast and professional.

This is my 6th visit (4 styles, 2 takeouts), and the only place in the DMV I will EVER see myself getting my hair done. Julie is the BEST BRAIDER that I EVER had in my life!! Julie is very professional, nice, and punctual. I have never had to wait for Julie and she works until she is finished!!!! There is no breaks between or leaving for any reason (only to get a product, if needed). The Hair Braiding Club is the best experience I have had in a braid shop. Punctuality, professionalism, and courtesy; you can't beat that. PLUS: They show some good movies!!!! I mean, really good!

Bridgette was very receptive and inviting of me. Her friendly spirit is what makes her customer service oriented. I like the flexible hours and the fact that I could join a hair braiding club and save on my braids (since I know Im growing my hair out natural- AGAIN). As a member of the hair braiding club I am now able to wear various hair styles, styles I've always wanted but couldnt afford to get my hair done all of the time. To me the hair braiding club is like a savings plan that allows my hair to stay "fresh and on point". I would like to thank my friend for refering me to this company.
Lady J

I've been having my hair braided at the club for approx. 2 years. The services at the club are fast & efficient. The prices are the best in the area and they are located in close proximity to my home. The styles they can provide are exceptional. I will continue to use their services in the future.
Dianne Vreen

Walking in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

Hello, Everyone I have been getting my braid services from Hometown Braiding & a member since 2008. I using this opportunity to you to take advantage of the discounts & memberships. I Love Ms.Bridgett and her staff! They work quick & efficiently and don't cause your head to hurt!!! And as you all know I can't have my head pulled due to my injury... Give them a try and You"ll be impressed too! free wash & braid take outs...Love them!
Lolita Queen

Ladies I'm from Alexandria VA and went to hair braiding club for the first time on March 13, 2010 I must Brigette knows her stuff, they where very professional. It was neat and clean and my hair looks wonderful, they have no complaints from me at all but will definately have my business in the future. I will continue to frequently their salon.

12/18/2010...First of all let me say this was the Cleanist Braiding shop I have seen around the area..(Great Job) next i will say my hair is beautiful filled with micros..Brigette and her Braiders were very polite nice and always made sure I was ok...and not one time did she try to convince me to do other than what I came in for, and the Best part..the price she quoted me was the Price I paid..NOTHING MORE!!!! Go Hair Braiding Club you'll Got It Going ON! Me and my Friend is very satisfied... Happy Holidays


This Hair Braiding Salon Is a must visit Hair Braiding Shop. Trust me: Hair Braidi clubis the Best!

I found the hair braiding club by chance but after having a wonderful experience with beautiful results I never hesitiate to recommend the services to others...at my school, on the street or in the store...over and over again I am asked who did your braids...I proudly tell them to check out the HAIR BRAIDING CLUB!
Lachelle Wimbish

I had a nice lenght of hair but from stress it started falling out. so i cut it off now i want it back. hopefully the braids will help it grow back.

Hair Braiding Club is the best gallery EVER! They are fast and very nice. I don't like going to a gallery and the stylist NEVER talks to you, they just talk to each other. At Hair Braiding Club, they are very friendly and care a lot about their customers! Will never go to another gallery!

I was in the shop on 5/28/10 and i am more than happy with my hair,it didnt long at all. love it will return.

My hair is professionally done. It's worth the time and price. I love the braiders and atmosphere... The braiders are so courtious and attentive. I will sure be returning

I only get braids twice a year and i was going to a gallery in kentland, MD but i have barely no hair on my edges so the braids that were put there would pull my hair out...i looked googled for hair galleries & pulled up this website i received a 1st time customerdiscount and the braids did not pull my hair out...i reccomend anyone who wants braids go to them you will b satisfied.
sheena smith

Professional, Fast, Friendly, I was very pleased with the person who braided my hair. I normally keep my hair cut short. Nelly was able to grip every piece and I feel great!
Kiana Harley

I like the personality of Brigitte and her patience, her willingness to allow client to select... Everyone was pleasant! See Brigitte photo! Cool...
Ellen Wells

Ijust loved Bridgette. Her service was great and the end product even better. I had much doubt & asked 20 questions but she assured me that my satisfaction was guaranteed. I was so pleased I tipped my braider $20. I'm on my way back to the shop & would love for my friends to help me get my braids free. I'm also referring her bc I want us all to have beautiful braids.
Michelle Scott

Getting my hair done was quick and perfect. My hair was very affordable and the atmosphere was nice. I will come back.
Unique Chapman

I just pray for my friends to get braids at the Hair Braiding Club!
Patrice Flamer

Everytime I have come to Hometown Braiding I leave with great satisfactionwith my hair result
Regina James

My first visit and I love it. I'm briging my daughter her for now on, and I'm going to tell all my friends.I am very happy and my hair look wonderful.
Lisa Teel

I was so impressed by Julia, wonderful young lady and did an excellent job on my hair. I will be going back. Didn't take longer then I expected:)

I haven't tried your service yet, I just hear you do great Job

Hi,my friends,this hair braiding place is awesome. there are twist and curl. (I know you want that Mimi so check it out).

I went to hometown HAIR braiding in forestville Md on Aug.1st 2009. I got my hair BRAIDS done in kInky twist and I came out looking like a star.I heard a customer comment on how good it look as I was leaving. Just tell them what you want and they will do it.Good job ladies!!!!!!!
Sylvia Brown-Musa

They did a very good job but They have to get better with the schedule.I had to wait before they started braiding my hair. Good Job though.

It was great, my braids stayed in for two month. Not one came out, ofcourse the manager did my hair. I was very happy and only shop here for my braiding needs. The manager is understanding and knowledgable about different braiding style.
Melissa Forbes

hometown hair braiding was very professional and did an great job on my braids my hair was short and they grip my hair i was very pleased

I went to the Forestville location today 4/9/09 at 2p and just went in for a consultation and came out 2 1/2 hrs later with Fluffy Twists. These were the fastest and neatest twists I have ever had. I told the ladies I needed to be out at a particular time to pick up my kids and they made it happen. I didn't even use my mailing list discount because the service was so good. Thanks ladies and you will see me in about 2-3 months. You have a customer for life. I love my hair!!!

Good morning my name is Janet Yesterday was the first day ( April 6 2009 ) I got my Hair Braid @ HomeTownHairBraiding the people in there was so so nice and good. I usenally get my hair done @ Star Hair Braiding Place @ Ierson Mall
Jeanette McDonald

ii like how coupons are being offered
angela bryant

I was very pleased when i got my micro braids with pony hair. But i wanted micro Senegalese . I wasnt any point in complaining I was ready to go home. It took over 8 hours to get my hair done.
stephanie brooks


I have never had a braiding shop that allowed me to offer my own price and that had coupons/discounts. This is a great idea and I will continue to refer all my friends.
brittney marie thomas

Nobody braids my hair but Hometown! Sister girl's hands are like thunder and lightning! In and out like that, excellent and great customer service! I love my Hometown!

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